FCRA Registration


FCRA stands for foreign contribution regulation act. This act regulates the foreign contribution and foreign hospitality given to various NGO, institutes, judges, journalists, public servants etc.

This act ensures and prevent the interventions of foreign funding and contribution to the Indian politics, public servants etc which are negatively affected by foreign contribution. Anyone who violates this act can be imprisoned up to 5 years.

This act is applicable for those Organizations who are working for definite cultural, social, economic, educational or religious programs. But first, they’ve to get permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Second, they have to maintain separate account book listing the donation received from foreigners and get it audited by a Chartered Accountant and submit to Home Ministry every year.

FCRA 2010 is act which allows the contribution by foreign but in such a way that it is not for the negative purpose.


FCRA registration documents:
  • Form FC-8 duly filled up in triplicate
  • Audited statement of accounts of past three years
  • Annual Report specifying activities of past 5 years
  • Details of the beneficiaries and detail of the socio-economic factors of the region in which the NGO is working
  • List and geographical detail of the state, and districts proposed for work
  • Certified copy of the Registration Certificate
  • Certified copy of the Bye-laws and Memorandum and Article of Association whichever is applicable
  • Copy of certificates of exemption or registration issued by the Income Tax Department u/s. 80G and 12A
  • Copy of any prior permission granted to the organization
  • Copy of resolution of Governing Body of the organisation, authorising the registration under FCRA
  • Copy of Power of Attorney or the resolution of Governing Body by which the Chief Functionary is authorised to submit FC-8
  • List of present members of the Governing Body of the organisation and the office bearers.
  • Copy of any Journal or other publication of the organisation
  • If the association is having any parent or sister or subsidiary organisation, which is registered under the FCRA then the registration number along with Ministry of Home Affairs file number should be mentioned
  • If the association has submitted any application earlier then its reference number should be mentioned
  • If the association has received any foreign contribution with or without the prior approval of the Central Government, then the detail should be given

These organisations can have funds from any foreign companies if organisation has certificate of FCRA under FCRA registration in India 1976.


FCRA registration procedure/process:
  • It must registers itself with the Central Government
  • It must agrees to receive foreign contribution only through one specific bank account

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