Investor Pitch Desk

INVESTOR PITCH DECK is a brief presentation that helps you provide a quick overview of your business to the investors. It is a smart way to get to your audience and tell them about your product. A smart entrepreneur will always use pitch deck in a meeting, be it with a potential angel investor or a venture capital firm or with co-founders.

A pitch deck is the best material to explain a business in a few minutes when one needs to present the business to a larger audience. It is also important when one needs funds for their start-ups as it outlines the entire business plan.

What is the need for an Investor Pitch Deck?

Having a business idea is one thing but the ability to present it in front of the market in order to convince people is the real challenge. Here is when Investor Pitch Deck comes to picture, as it is used in meetings be it online or offline to convince investors, clients and accomplices. It is a tool for outside group of onlookers which helps them understand your business model.

As a first impression always lasts long, here is how an investor pitch deck lets you create the best first impression.

  • Create an impact with your plan on the outside group of onlookers
  • Make an incredible first connection by showing your thoughts & structures

How to make an effective Investor Pitch Deck?

An investor pitch deck should give a complete picture of your business and its plans. An effective pitch deck must start by stating the issue, incorporating the business model, and ends with the best future projections. Here are a few ‘musts’ of an investor pitch deck:

  • Introduction 
    An introduction must give a brisk outline of your thought, foundation and experience. It should begin with an introductory content which give a review of your whole business technique.
  • Problem 
    The main focus of this slide should be the problems faced by your audiences. Explain all the consequences and make sure people relate to that as a real problem.
  • Advantages 
    A problem always comes with a solution and this is the advantage one needs to catch on. Make it an opportunity to capitalize on.
  • Solution 
    A problem can have many solutions, so state them and make it clear to your audiences why they must opt for that solution.
  • Product 
    Present your product in the best way possible as it is the something that must appeal to the audience. Highlight its features.
  • Market 
    Mention all the marketing & sales team strategies so that you can appeal to your potential customer.
  • Competition 
    Convince your investors ‘why’ and ‘how’ are you better than your competitors and why should they prefer you.
  • Business Model 
    Explain how you plan of earning profits and making money. Show your business model and how it stands out.
  • Conclusion 
    Conclude with giving your investments hopes and expectations. Leave your contact details on the last slide.

Key points

An investor pitch deck must be designed by keeping the following points in mind to make it effective;

  • Length- Keep your pitch deck crisp(max 10-15 slides)
  • Content- Bullet points along with important question
  • Topic- Limit each slide to express one topic or idea
  • Theme- Colour of the presentation should match your branding and should look formal
  • Presentation- Practice to engage your audience while presenting

Starters’ CFO works with you to make an effective Investor Pitch Deck for your company.