Tax Return

An expatriate refers to an individual who lives in some other country (different from his country of citizenship). Sometimes an expatriate is defined by an individual who has waived her citizenship in her home country in order to become a citizen of another. Sometimes Expatriates are given certain benefits sometimes, such as housing allowance or relocation assistance.

Expatriates in India

If somebody was working in Mauritius and also he/she is a citizen of Mauritius, then if he is now working in India, then he/she is an expatriate or is considered as expat. The person if working under some big foreign company will be provided housing facilities along with additional benefits in salary.

Today, as more and more people are seeing a scope in expanding their business overseas, we can find many expatriates emerging now-a-days. Most often the term expat is used to describe professionals sent by the big companies to their associated enterprises or foreign subsidiaries to initiate and establish their business name in foreign countries as well. Certifications also have an important role to play, so you can contact us for the same.

Expatriate Taxation

When we talk about the taxation for expatriates it includes the following aspects:

  • Double taxation avoidance
  • Salary Structuring and Payroll Processing
  • Foreign tax credits and treatment of Grossing up components
  • Tax Equalization Policy and Computations
  • Hypothetical Tax Computations
  • FRRO Registrations and Extensions
  • Certificate of Coverage
  • Income Tax Compliance
  • Secondment Agreements
  • OCI Card and POI Card
  • Assistance in International Tax Litigations
  • Arrival – Departure tax briefings

Difference between Immigrants and Expatriates

Immigrants is a term for those foreign citizens who come to India for employment, however if we talk about Expatriates, then expatriates then these are the individuals who bring the already established business in different or foreign countries.

However, many expatriates look for expatriate services in India so as to expand the business. Now for this, we at Starters’ CFO are there to provide you with all kinds of Expatriate Services.