Taxation Advisory

India being a developing nation keeps experiencing continuous tax and regulatory changes. This gets very challenging for the companies and they often face tax related issues. The companies must be updated about all these changes in order to be on top of the market.

Tax comes in all stages of a business and loss related to tax is very eminent, thus it becomes very important to consult a tax advisor before making any significant transaction.

Who is a tax advisor?

According to the definition of tax advisor, one with advanced training and knowledge of tax law can be a tax advisor. The main target of a tax advisor is to minimize the tax payable while remaining compliant with the law. Tax advisors can include-

  • Certified Chartered Accountants
  • Tax Lawyers
  • Enrolled Agents
  • Financial Advisors

Services provided by Starters’ CFO-

We provide tax advisory services on different levels based on the needs of our clients. Our tax advisory services help you with all your tax compliance and tax advisory needs. We have well qualified tax advisors who will work on the following factors-

  • Tax advisory for; 1. Start-ups 2. Small scale companies 3. Large and medium budget companies
  • Integrate Tax data- Help the organization in accounting taxation
  • Update with taxation system- Assist the business with ever changing taxation system and implication of business strategies according to that
  • Tax management- Management of tax department which will eventually result in making better strategic decisions

These are few key factors we focus and work on. Apart from these the services provided by us are-

  • Advise on various tax issues such as : 1. Tax-agreements between parties 2. Cross border taxation 3. Tax registration issues
  • Prevent clients from getting into cases of money laundering or black money
  • Business registration for Private limited company, Public limited company and conversion strategies
  • Differentiate between the current tax computation and the computation as the requirements of Income Tax Computation Disclosure Standards