Taxation Advisory Services

Going across borders with your business is never an easy task. One needs to be compiled with the tax laws including statutory compliances as per the requirements, in order to flourish and sustain on foreign soil. It is always a challenging tax for the tax professionals.

In the global village we live in, the key to success of the business is planning your taxes and aligning your implementation with your planned corporate tax strategy.

Important geographical networks for international taxation-

The taxation system is divided across the globe based on the geographical locations. Here, let us look at the different mediums for better understanding of international taxes-

  • EU Direct Tax Group
  • Latin American Tax Group
  • International Tax Desks

EU Direct Tax:

EUDTG is a Pan European network that deals with Law experts which specializes in the area of direct taxes. It is important to be updated to cope up with the changes and explore their activities, opportunities and investment decisions.

Latin American Tax Group:

Latin America's continuous growth and stability makes it an attractive region for multinationals for setting up their business and expanding the existing ones.

International Tax Desk:

Starters’ CFO has experienced tax professionals from Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa with specific tax business knowledge.

International Research and Development-

Going global needs one to be innovative as it helps to get tax grants and tax incentives.

Our R&D department helps in recognizing and taking advantages of tax incentives for the multinationals. We also work to identify the transfer pricing and formulate the strategy to go cross border.

What we do?

Starters’ CFO works from the grass root level for setting up a tax efficient company abroad.

  • Research activity
  • Verify the detailed accounting records to find out the cost for availing the tax relief
  • Consider existing and potential along with alternative tax planning strategies based on the different jurisdictions
  • Gathering, organizing and developing documents to support and reduce eligible costs
  • Develop procedures , technologies which will enable to improve the efficiency and effectiveness for current and future incentives