Virtual CFOs in India

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4.7 / 5

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4.7 / 5

5 / 5

Highest rated amongst competitors.

Over 3000+ clients served to date.

Human Intelligence + Intuitive Software

Our product provides high skill assistance in financial requirements of an organization, just like a chief financial officer does for large organizations.

On a basic level, we act as the bookkeeper of our clients and take responsibility for the accuracy of the account books and interpret the financial information from the accounting data as required. We take responsibility for executing or overseeing the reporting process. On the more strategic side, we act as the financial and strategic sparring partner for the business owner.

Starters' CFO is not just any services firm. Combined with our intuitive software products, our automation pipelines and business intelligence tools, we give you the best of human & artificial intelligence in a single, afforable package.

What we help you with

Accounting & Tax Compliances

Each month, you’ll get a clear, accurate Income Statement and Balance Sheet. We create a functional e mail account for you ( ) that we use to automatically import your invoices, purchase orders, and communicate with your debtors and vendors.

  • Tax Ready Income Statement & Balance Sheet
  • Vendor Payment Automation
  • Debtors Follow Up & Aging
  • MIS Reporting

Statutory Compliance

Our team always stays on top of govt. compliances, executing and completing tasks autonomously, always on time and in compliance with updated GST / TDS ammendments. With close to no involvement required from your end, you can focus on your business.

  • GST Compliance
  • TDS Compliance
  • Secreterial Compliances

  • Statutory Audit
  • Issue of form 16-A

Payroll on Autopilot

Starters' CFO allows you to customise your payroll workflow to be as hands-off (or hands-on) as you want—from running completely on auto-pilot, to manually adjusting employee salaries before they are transferred.

  • Employee Dashboard
  • Automated Form 16
  • Automated Investment Declaration

  • Payslips
  • PF & ESIS Compliances

  • Automated NEFT / IMPS to Employees

  • Optimised Salary Structure

Services on demand

In a highly dynamic environment, our responsibilities as your CFO do not end at just book keeping & compliances. Our team will assist you with all ad-hoc requirements that your organisation comes up with.

  • Internal Audit
  • Income Tax & GST Assesments
  • Budgets & Forecasting
  • Wealth Management
  • Competetive Market Analysis

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Trademark Registration
  • Company Winding up

Tasks performed monthly

Maintaining and managing compliances for an organization can get very complex as various filings have to be completed at different due dates. Failure or delay in maintaining compliance leads to penalty in lakhs. Our team acts autonomously and keeps your company in the green, without hassle or effort.

Here’s what’s included.

  • Book Keeping
  • TDS Payments
  • GST Payments & Returns
  • MIS
  • Vendor Payments - Rent, Utility, Suppliers, etc.
  • Payroll
  • Debtors Follow up
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Bank Account Reconcilation

For convenience, your Month End Financial Package is available in numerous formats on our web & mobile applications.

Tasks performed yearly

Building on our philosophies of automating and simplifying your finance operations, we similarly take responsibilities of yearly compliances.

Here’s what’s included.

  • Finalisation of Balance Sheet & PnL Account
  • Issue of Form 16 / 16A
  • Income Tax Assesments
  • Statutory Audit / Tax Audit
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Secreterial Compliances

Intuitive software

Unlike traditional software, Starters' CFO is designed to be used with no training or documentation. We take care of the grunt of the work, and you can access our app on mobile or web and keep an eye on your company's functioning.

Business Insights

We transform unstructured data into actionable information that enables you to make informed strategic decisions.

Popular Features
  • Finalisation of Balance Sheet & PnL Account
  • Balance Confirmation from
  • Another Feature Available

Automated Payroll

Starters' CFO uses smart automation to ensure that you never need to worry about payroll ever again.

Popular Features
  • Automated Credit of Salaries
  • Automated Generation of Payslips
  • Optimisation of Salary Structure

AI Powered Accounting

Our team is supported by AI tools that automate processes and make smart choices to help you save money.

Popular Features
  • Lead Generation
  • Some Generation
  • Another Feature Available